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Does your Sales Team lack confidence?

Do they have the most effective sales skills and strategies? Do they ask the wrong questions and often miss out on Cross Selling or Upselling opportunities? Are you looking to implement a consistent selling method to win more sales, outperform competitors and increase corporate profitability?  

Then, welcome to Selling Point Training.

Selling Point Training provides affordable Sales and Soft Skills Training based on your company culture, value proposition and sales experience. Delivered at your workforce by exceptional Sales Trainers.

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Sales Induction, Ongoing Sales Training and Power Workshops which improve skills, performance and results in line with your business objectives, using key sales concepts, thinking and behaviours.


One hour training interventions to improve your business skills, social graces, communication, language, personal habits and interpersonal skills.


Developing young leaders who are passionate about your company to understand their position, personality and potential and how they can be a leader through influence.

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  1. Selling Point will work with you to undertake a thorough Training Needs. This will be achieved through call listening, auditing, formal and informal meetings and webinars to identify key training needs.
  2. Together we agree the training content, how and when it will be delivered at your place of work. Selling Point design the training based on your company culture.
  3. The training can be classroom based, one to one coaching, small groups or by floor walking.
  4. Assessments for Learning (AfL) will be carried out during and after the course to check that learning has taken place.
  5. The benefit of the training can be evaluated through increased sales and better motivated staff. Follow up training sessions for new and existing staff if required or Train the Trainer sessions for you to conduct ongoing training.

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